Premium Christmas Light Installation In Tampa

Gator Boyz Pressure Washing is the #1 holiday light installation company in the Tampa, FL area.

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1: Installation

Our team uses only the best quality lights in the Christmas lighting business. We custom cut your lights to fit your home perfectly giving an elegant and professional look for the holiday season.

2: Maintenance

We guarantee your professional lights will be up and shining bright all season long, however, if any issues happen to arise due to weather, kids playing, etc. causing your lights to go down, give us a call immediately and we will rush out right away to resolve the issue for you!

3: Removal & Storage

Dealing with your home's Christmas lights has never been so easy before. When you are ready to take down your lights, we will schedule a take-down when it's most convenient for you. You don't even have to be home for this part. Not only that but we also safely pack and store your lights year-round until the next holiday season comes around!

Residential Christmas Light Installation

Our team of Christmas light installation professionals will take care of all your Christmas lighting needs from custom designing your lights to storing them throughout the year, we do it all! We work with you spending the time to make sure all your holiday hopes of what you want what your Christmas lights to look like, come to life. You’ll have the whole neighborhood pining over your custom cut, professional-grade lights!

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Our Holiday Light Install Services

Residential Lighting

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Gutter/Trim Lighting

Commercial Lighting

Our Christmas Lighting Service Is Different Than Most

Your Home is Safe & Protected

Don't hire just any Christmas lighting company. Christmas Lights of Tampa is a fully insured and certified company. You can rest assured that our professionally trained technicians will properly install your Christmas lights using the latest industry-standard lighting.

Fast Emergency Service

No matter the reason, if your Christmas lights go down we will rush out to your home immediately to resolve the issue and get your lights back up shining bright.

Speedy Quotes

We give our customers total ease of use with our speedy, usually same-business day, quotes. You can fill out an instant quote form right here on our website or give us a call. If we're not able to give you a quote over the phone immediately we will make it out to your home as soon as possible.

Professional Grade Lighting

You won't be able to find these lights at any local box stores. Our Christmas lights are the best commercial-grade lighting in the industry, giving you a premier holiday look.

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